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Bel is a Vancouver-based studio created by Belinda Chan in 2012. Specializing in meticulously crafted goods that make you feel as warm and fuzzy as fresh mini donuts, each product in the small collection is designed and made locally with natural materials.

The studio's motivation is simple: to provide quality goods to those who share an appreciation for the art of handcrafting and attention to detail. In a world ever more reliant on large-scale production and machine manufacturing, the dedication to these goals is readily apparent and refreshing. Bel wholeheartedly believes in the wise words of Charles Eames: "The details are not the details. They make the design."

The surrounding environment has proved a steady source of inspiration in the development of this modest collection; from the necessity of cozy, durable layers for a prairie native all too familiar with a frigid winter climate, to the beautifully earthy tones and textures exuded by the natural wonders of the west coast. Bel's first product line, not coincidentally a pair of leather mittens, strikes a balance between aesthetic and functionality that each product aims to achieve, and continues to serve as the company's flagship item.

Pragmatic yet artistic, subtle yet expressive, Bel's ever expanding repertoire of designs is a one-woman tour de force, and we think you'll like what she's got up her sleeve.